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Welcome to the database of past Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) list serve messages (10,000+). The table below contains all past CMRL messages (text only, no attachments) from Nov. 20, 1996 - May 6, 2022 and is updated quarterly.

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11033 2022-01-28 Erin McCauley Reminder: NDACAN Office Hours Today!
11032 2022-01-27 Orsi, Rebecca Data Scientist Position - Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect
11031 2022-01-26 Wakita, Satomi Research Specialist Position, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11030 2022-01-25 Andres Arroyo ACF/OPRE and Mathematica report: findings on using linked administrative data
11029 2022-01-24 Erin McCauley Reminder: NDACAN Jan Office Hours
11028 2022-01-21 Amy He Post-Doctoral Position, Butler Institute, University of Denver
11027 2022-01-17 Sunny Shin Postdoctoral Fellowship in Childhood Trauma Prevention and Public Health Research
11026 2022-01-14 Andres Arroyo 2022 Summer Research Institute (SRI): Call for Applications reminder
11025 2022-01-14 Lasota, Robin Rae Research Specialist Position Announcement at UIUC School of Social Work - Illinois Child Welfare Translational Research
11024 2022-01-14 Malin, Jenessa (ACF) Forecasted Funding Opportunity for Secondary Analyses of Data on the National Incidence of Child Maltreatment
11023 2022-01-14 Tim Ross Senior Research Position
11022 2022-01-10 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) - Services File, FY2020
11021 2022-01-06 Erin McCauley NDACAN Spring Office Hours!
11020 2021-12-28 Jim Campbell UPDATE to APSAC's Pre-Conference Institutes in San Diego, CA - New Virtual Option
11019 2021-12-28 Marisha Kashyap Re: 2022 Summer Research Institute (SRI): Announcement and Call for Applications
11018 2021-12-23 Andres Arroyo NDACAN Updata Newsletter, Winter 2021-2022 (Vol. 56)
11017 2021-12-22 Greene, Brandon Re: traumatic brain injury and complex trauma
11016 2021-12-21 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), Adoption File 2020
11015 2021-12-21 Lisa Fontes traumatic brain injury and complex trauma
11014 2021-12-20 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), Foster Care File 2020
11013 2021-12-15 Heckenmueller, Jessie RE: Shared Parenting Models/Approaches/Best Practices
11012 2021-12-14 Jonathan Gould Re: Shared Parenting Models/Approaches/Best Practices
11011 2021-12-14 Klein, Sacha Shared Parenting Models/Approaches/Best Practices
11010 2021-12-10 Erin McCauley Final Fall NDACAN Office Hours TODAY!
11009 2021-11-22 Lewis, Terri Post-Doctoral Position - Kempe Center, University of Colorado
11008 2021-11-19 Jim Campbell Looking for in-person trainings? Join APSAC in Brooklyn and San Diego
11007 2021-11-08 Lisa Fontes factitious disorder by proxy of an intimate partner?
11006 2021-11-05 Brevard, Kanisha C. Project Manager position for state-wide evaluation of parenting programs
11005 2021-11-04 Lisa S Panisch Training for Working Model of the Child - D coding scale
11004 2021-10-22 Emily Douglas Open Positions at Montclair State University
11003 2021-10-21 Beal, Sarah Clinical psychologist position specializing in foster care and integrated behavioral health
11002 2021-10-20 Andres Arroyo Child Maltreatment Research List (CMRL) List Information and Support
11001 2021-10-08 Erin McCauley NDACAN Office Hours Today!
11000 2021-10-04 Erin McCauley NDACAN Office Hours on Friday!
10999 2021-09-30 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) Comprehensive Organizational Health Assessment [2014-2019]
10998 2021-09-29 jim campbell Fwd: Register now for the October Forensic Social Work Certificate Program
10997 2021-09-29 Jim Campbell Catch Anthony "Tony" Mannarino's In-depth Training @ Live from NY, It's APSAC!
10996 2021-09-29 Jessica Bartlett Webinar: Toolkits for child welfare and juvenile justice agencies to help young people heal and thrive during and after natural disasters
10995 2021-09-26 Cathy Taylor Fwd: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunity Focused on Child Well-being, Prevention of ACES, and Intervention Research
10994 2021-09-23 Andres Arroyo NDACAN Updata Newsletter, Fall 2021 (Vol. 55)
10993 2021-09-22 Sherry Hamby ResilienceCon 2022 Scholarships Available
10992 2021-09-22 Carolyn Shin CalSWEC is hiring: Research Data Analyst 3 "Training and Evaluation Specialist"
10991 2021-09-22 Morgan Cooley Submission Deadline Extended - CASWJ Call for Articles
10990 2021-09-15 Sunny Shin Postdoctoral Fellowship in Prevention and Social and Emotional Learning
10989 2021-09-14 Morgan Cooley CASWJ Special Issue on Foster Parenting and Child Outcomes
10988 2021-09-10 Erin McCauley NDACAN Fall Office Hours TODAY!
10987 2021-09-08 Erin McCauley NDACAN Fall Office Hours Friday!
10986 2021-08-27 Orsi, Rebecca A Call to Action to Change Child Welfare
10985 2021-08-26 Andres Arroyo *Data Available*: National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) Agency File, FFY 2019
10984 2021-08-25 Elissa Brown post-doctoral fellowship in dissemination of interventions for child trauma