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Child-Maltreatment-Research-L (CMRL) List Serve

Moderation and Posting Guidelines

The CMRL is a moderated e-mail list. When a member sends an e-mail to for distribution to members, an Archive staff moderator reviews it and has the option to accept or discard it.

In general the following types of messages are discarded:

  1. commands intended for the list processing software ( rather than the list
  2. messages concerning subscriptions to the list
  3. messages that are intended for an individual subscriber and are not of interest, or do not pertain to, the whole list
  4. messages that are not related to child maltreatment research
  5. overly general requests for information and assistance
  6. inflammatory or unprofessional messages
  7. requests for contacts from people seeking a job; however, the list does accept employment postings
  8. automatic replies
  9. the promotion of products for sale (e.g. books, training materials, curricula, etc.)
  10. messages with attachments

Posting Policy

Only CMRL subscribers may post to the CMRL. The list software attempts to match the address in the "From" field of a message against the register of subscribed addresses. The list software rejects messages from non-subscribed addresses. This filter protects list members from junk mail. CMRL subscribers can subscribe under as many of their e-mail addresses as desired if they want to post from different accounts. Of course, subscribing under multiple e-mail addresses means that you receive CMRL postings at each of those addresses.

How to Post

Existing list subscribers can post a message to all CMRL members by e-mailing it to:

NDACAN can assist you with posting instructions, but cannot post messages on your behalf.

Subject Line

As a courtesy to other subscribers, always fill in the Subject line when you post a message to the CMRL.

Attachments Policy

Subscribers should not use attachments in their messages. Attachments present a virus risk to other list members, can be extremely inconvenient for members with slower Internet connections, and burden list processing server resources. In the majority of cases, messages with attachments will be discarded by the CMRL Moderator. Users wishing to share non-text content (e.g. PDF files) should provide a link or offer files to individuals on request independent of the list.

Default Reply Setting

This list is set up so that replies are sent to the entire list, not the author of the original message. Therefore, if you click "Reply" to a message from the list, your message will be submitted to the CMRL Moderator for posting. It will not go to the author of the original posting.

Auto-Reply Policy

If you activate auto-reply in your e-mail client, please unsubscribe from the list while you are away and re-subscribe when you return. If a list member configures their e-mail program to send an automatic reply about being away from the office, that message goes to authors of CMRL postings. In addition, that auto-reply goes to the Archive staff list moderator for every instance a post gets distributed to the list membership. With respect to mailing lists, e-mail accounts configured for auto-reply become a source of network congestion and risk automatic deletion based on software settings beyond the control of Archive staff.

All CMRL Postings Become Public

All postings to the CMRL are published on the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) Web site for the benefit of the research community. Your participation in the CMRL represents your consent for your postings to be published. If you do not agree, please remove yourself from this list. If you do agree to participate, please adjust your e-mail signature to remove information that you do not want published. NOTE: NDACAN WILL NOT REMOVE OR REDACT POSTINGS FROM THE WEB SITE.