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Publications Related to NDACAN Datasets and to Secondary Research

canDL external link

child abuse and neglect Digital Library

canDLexternal link is a database of references related to NDACAN datasets and to secondary research. It is maintained as a publically accessible Zotero database. If you use assistive technology which is unable to access, please contact us at to request canDL output in another format.

Use canDL To

  • Find research related to a dataset
  • View full-text articles (Availability is based upon the subscriptions of your institution.)
  • Find information and research on child maltreatment
  • Export citations or cite them in APA and other styles

Please Contribute Citations to canDL

This database is an actively changing resource for the child maltreatment research community. We will be progressively adding citations. If you notice any absent citations that you feel should be included, please email them to NDACAN. We appreciate your contribution to our effort.

For Help

Email NDACAN Support with any questions.