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Monthly Office Hours

NDACAN is thrilled to announce a new recurrent event for 2021! We’ll be hosting monthly office hours from 11AM to 12PM (EST) on the 4th Friday of each month from January to June. The event will be an opportunity to chat with our team and other data users in an informal setting and get data support as needed. The events will be split between 30 minutes of open time and 30 minutes of dedicated time to a special visitor or theme.

Office Hours Themes:
  • February 26: Summer Research Institute
    • Presenter: Dr. Christopher Wildeman
  • March 26: Academic Jobs Q&A
    • Panelists: Dr. Christopher Wildeman, Dr. Svetlana Shpiegel, and Erin McCauley
  • April 23: Data User Flash Talks
  • May 28: Panel- Racial equity in child welfare and how NDACAN data can help us understand this
    • Panelists: Dr. Frank Edwards, Dr. Alexander Roehrkasse, and Dr. Christopher Wildeman
  • June 25: Linking NDACAN data with external data products
    • Presenter: Dr. Frank Edwards

To attend any Office Hours event, follow this link and select the appropriate date:

Summer Training Webinar Series

The Summer Training Webinar Series is our annual set of webinars which highlight the research potential of selected datasets at NDACAN. Experts explain in detail how to work with the datasets, including linking across datasets, and share research examples. There are a live question and answer sessions, and the theme of the Series changes every year based on participant feedback. All webinars get posted on our website with slides and transcripts.


Upcoming Series:

Past Series:

Summer Research Institute (SRI)

The Summer Research Institute (SRI) is NDACAN's annual research workshop in which participants analyze Archive datasets over multiple days with close support and expertise provided by NDACAN professionals as-needed. The SRI also provides participating child abuse and neglect researchers an opportunity for networking and collaborating with each other. Join the CMRL list serve or follow us on Twitter to be notified when applications will be accepted for the next SRI: