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National Study of the Incidence of Child Abuse and Neglect 1980 (NIS-1)

Dataset Number: 52


National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect


Conducted by NCCAN and mandated by Congress, this study was the first large scale effort to assemble information, based on standardized definitions, about the scope and character of recognized child abuse and neglect in the United States. From findings obtained in a probability sample of 26 counties in 10 states, national estimates were derived from the numbers and characteristics of abused and neglected children who were: a) referred to CPS agencies and treatment, b) not referred to CPS but were known to other investigatory agencies which may handle abuse/neglect situations (e.g., police, court, public health departments, etc.), or c) were not known to any of the investigatory agencies but were identifiable from other community institutions, particularly schools and hospitals.

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