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Order Dataset

Notice: These instructions DO NOT apply to NSCAW Restricted or NCANDS Child File, Flint, or RPG datasets. Those each have separate instructions and license forms: please refer to their respective order pages.

1. Determine if the data will suit your needs.

Potential users are encouraged to browse our Datasets list and to review datasets of interest. Before ordering, please download and read the dataset's user's guide or other documentation to determine if the data will suit your needs. In addition, please review the information on the User Support page before you order. The NDACAN staff can answer questions about the user's guides and provide general guidance about the suitability of a dataset for your research question. Please submit such questions in writing to

2. Submit your contact information through our on-line mailing list form

Please submit your contact information at your workplace through our on-line mailing list form. If you have done this before and your contact information has not changed, then skip this step.
We ship the data electronically and require your e-mail and your phone number. To receive the download link, make sure that messages from "" and "" are not blocked by your junk mail filters. Please add them to the trusted contacts in your e-mail system now.

Online Form: NDACAN On-line mailing list form

3. Complete a digital Terms of Use Agreement (PDF)

NDACAN requires that all data recipients submit a completed Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) form prior to receiving a dataset. This policy is designed to protect the confidentiality of the study subjects and organizations represented in our holdings. You may list more than one dataset on the form, but this form does not apply for any Restricted Data (i.e. NCANDS Child File, RPG, NSCAW Restricted) -refer to the message at the top of this page. The Terms of Use Agreement must be completed digitally and e-mailed as an attachment to Download and save the Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) to your hard drive, then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 11 or later), fill it out, and save it with form fields filled out.
Undergraduate students must also have a faculty sign the Terms of Use Agreement where indicated.


4. Rename and Email the Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) to NDACAN:

Rename the Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) with your LastName, FirstName, a space, and the date in yyyy-mm-dd format (Example: "Doe Jane 2017-10-30.pdf"). Email the form as an attachment to the NDACAN email address and write "Data Order" in the subject line.

There is no cost to receive this dataset.
Please allow 5 days for delivery.

General Order Information

There is no cost to receive any NDACAN dataset. NDACAN prepares datasets for distribution on MS Windows workstations and include digital documentation and installation instructions. Documentation for most datasets consists of a users guide, codebook, original instruments, and references to relevant publications. Each dataset is distributed in one compressed .zip package which contains the data files. You can open .zip packages with MS Windows' built-in extraction (open the .zip package and choose File > Extract All). You can also use a free utility called 7Zip, or other .zip package software. After you have extracted the contents of a .zip package to your hard drive, open the "Readme" (or equivalent) file for information about the data files.

File Delivery

NDACAN uses to deliver datasets. NDACAN will create a folder with your dataset(s) on and add your e-mail address (as you provided it in the Terms of Use Agreement) as a collaborator to the folder. You will then receive an e-mailed invitation from to login and download the data. Make sure that your junk mail filters allow you to get mail from If you don't already have a free account that is connected to the e-mail address you provided, you must create a free account with that e-mail address and then log in to with that e-mail address to download your files. The name of's free account service is the Individual Plan external link. Some people have two email addresses: create your account using the same email address that you entered in the Terms of Use Agreement.

Your file(s) for download will expire in only 10 calendar days from when you receive the download invitation from please download immediately.

File Format

Most data files are distributed in SPSS and SAS compatible formats. Some datasets are distributed as text files with import statements for SAS, SPSS, STATA, or R.

User Support

If you have a questions about files shipment issues, please e-mail

If you need help loading the data or have questions about the contents of the dataset, please e-mail and a staff person will contact you. In addition, our User Support section contains help documents and videos.

Terms of Use Agreement

NDACAN distributes dataset solely for the purposes of statistical research and reporting. Attempting to use these datasets to identify individuals is a violation of federal law. Please read the Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) carefully and keep a copy for your records. Your digital execution of this document indicates that you understand the terms of the Agreement and will comply with all of its provisions.

Classroom Instruction

Instructors who wish to order a dataset for use in the classroom may submit a Classroom Terms of Use Agreement (PDF) to be signed by the entire class before data can be sent. Fill out the form electronically, print it, sign it, have your students sign and date it, and e-mail a color scan to Also, each student needs to submit their contact information to us through our Web form.

In the classroom use situation, the instructor, not individual students, must contact with technical support questions.

Annual Contact

NDACAN may contact you once a year about this order to request copies of publications or presentations that you may have produced from the data.