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NDACAN Measure Details

Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment- Infant/Toddler (IT-HOME)


It is designed to assess developmental home environment of infants and toddlers. The child is observed in his or her home pursuing normal activities. This 45-item checklist is a combination of both observational and parent-report measures with five subscales—emotional and verbal responsivity of the mother, avoidance of restriction and punishment, organization of the physical and temporal environment, provision of appropriate play materials, and maternal involvement with the child.


Bradley, R.H., Mundfrom, D.J., Whiteside, L., Casey, P.H., & Barrett, K. (1994). A factor analytic study of the infant-toddler and early childhood versions of the HOME inventory administered to white, black, and Hispanic American parents of children born preterm. Child Development. 65(3), 880-888. Retrieved from: