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Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist/ 2-3 (CBCL 2-3)


Ages 2-3: Designed to obtain caregiver's report of behavior problems in children using a standardized format. The Child Behavior Checklist/2-3 (CBCL/2-3) is modeled on the Behavior Problems portion of the CBCL/4-18 (See Child Behavior Checklist/4-18, Achenbach, 1991). The Behavior Problems scale consists of 100 items on which a parent, or parent surrogate, is asked to rate their child’s behavior in either the last two months. Selected items comprise six empirically-derived syndrome scales (Anxious/Depressed, Withdrawn, Sleep Problems, Somatic Problems, Aggressive Behavior, and Destructive Behavior). All but two of the remaining items are included in the total problem score. In addition to focusing on a child’s behavior as defined by one of the syndrome scales, the CBCL/2-3 also allows the examination of two broad groupings of syndromes: Internalizing Problems and Externalizing Problems. Internalizing combines the Withdrawn and Anxious/Depressed scales, while Externalizing combines the Destructive Behavior and Aggressive Behavior scales.


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