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RPG-2 Recovery Data


Recovery data, information about whether an adult had participated in a state-funded use disorder treatment program, is one type of administrative data requested from grantees. Grantees requested information on recovery of adults enrolled in RPG from state substance abuse departments. Grantees provided state substance abuse departments a list of adults that they had enrolled in RPG, and asked the organization to provide recovery information on this subset of adults. This data returned to grantees contained information on dates of substance use treatment enrollment and program completion (if applicable). Using this data, the cross-site evaluation team created person-level indicator variables for whether a given incident, treatment enrollment and completion, occurred in a particular period. Periods of interest were one year prior to RPG enrollment, and the one year period following RPG enrollment for a given adult.


Strong, D., Avellar, S., Cole, R., & D'Angelo, A. (2014). RPG-2 recovery data [Instrument]. Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research.