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Replace or Terminate License:
NSCAW Restricted Release (RR)

Directions for REPLACING your NSCAW Restricted Release (RR) Data License

These directions are for investigators who have had the NSCAW Restricted Release (RR) data for 3 years and need to replace or terminate their license. There is no fee to obtain the NSCAW RR data. If you have an existing 3-year Restricted Release license which will expire soon or has expired, please follow these instructions to obtain a replacement license valid for another three years.

Stage 1: Submit an updated NSCAW Restricted Release Application and Data Protection Plan

  1. Submit your contact information through our on-line form.
    We will ship the data electronically and we will need your phone number to tell you something called the 'established password' to download the data.

  2. Download the NSCAW Restricted Application and Data Protection Plan (PDF)
    and save it to your hard drive. Rename the PDF with your Last name, First initial, and the text "NSCAW App-DPP". (Example: "Jones D NSCAW App-DPP.pdf".).

  3. Complete the form in item 2, save it, and e-mail it to

Stage 2: Within 7 days, you will receive a message from NDACAN that your project has been reviewed. If approved, you must then email to NDACAN the following items:

  1. One completed NSCAW Restricted Data License (PDF).

  2. If an investigator has research staff that will use the NSCAW data, complete and submit a Research Staff Form (PDF) for members of the research team besides the Investigator. Research staff must be formally affiliated with the Investigator's institution (student, staff, faculty, etc.). The Investigator fills out the investigator section of the form electronically, checks the signature box, and saves the form with the title in the format "LastName FirstInitial NSCAW Staff LastNameofStaff yyyy-mm-dd.pdf" (e.g. Doe J NSCAW Staff Smith 2016-04-30). The investigator emails the form to the staff person and the staff persons fills out their section, saves the form, and emails it as an attachment to with a cc to the investigator. Use additional copies of this forms for additional Research Staff. Very Important: Before receiving the Research Data, the research staff must submit complete contact information on our on-line web form through this link: ../about/about-join-our-mailing-list.cfm

  3. A notice, in PDF format, from your Institutional Review Board (IRB) showing that it has approved your project or found it exempt from review.

Email items 1-3 to with the words "NSCAW License Materials" in the subject line.

Please allow 10 days for delivery.

To receive the download link, make sure that mail from "" is not blocked by your junk mail filters. Add "" to the trusted contacts in your e-mail system now.

Directions for TERMINATING your NSCAW Restricted Release (RR) Data License

  1. Securely erase the data from your hard disk(s). You can download, install, and run an open-source secure data removal program for Windows such as Eraser.

  2. Write an e-mail to stating that you have completed your research with the data and have securely erased the data from all hard disks. NDACAN will reply with a confirmation that your license has been closed.